Currently Formlabs has a referral program that provides you, if you are a new customer, a $250 discount on their machines. Yes, this code does provide me with credit for materials and supplies, but you get the $250 credit directly on your order. It is valid only for orders from North America. And, I don’t know how long this will last, so you might want to act quickly. In fact, this used to be $500 to the purchaser, but recently (July 2020) it was reduced. As I understand it, there are no limits on how many times it can be used, but only one $250 discount, once per customer.

Form 3 SLA 3D Printer

Some folks are selling their discount codes on ebay, but I would rather help you get a great laser-based SLA unit (Form 3 or Form 3L) to make incredibly precise parts. And better yet are all of the material options that Formlabs has calibrated to their equipment.

So here is the code – really – no purchase necessary from me for the coupon!


You can contact Formlabs through their sales department at 617 702 8476 or at

And thanks for helping me continue this blog!