My Sumpod is completely wired as of this afternoon!   I took lots of pictures along the way, but I still have to finish the written documentation for all of you.  And, there is one more really important test:  power it up and see what happens!  Actually, I do not want to release a set of wiring instructions unless I know for sure that they are right.  Still flying blind (although the RAMPS 1.3 page on would be all you need, other than the LCD) I did add a few touches of my own.

For one, I expect to change hot ends so I used a 4 pin locking Molex connector for the thermistor and heater.  That way all you have to do is unplug the Bowden tube and disconnect the Molex connector and you could substitute say a dual extruder or some other hot end (like that from   Also, I used Teflon insulated wire for the connections to the heater.  You can certainly use the excess stepper motor wires, but from past experience I expect the vinyl insulation to get degraded over time.  I also decided that the fan would run with the heater, or otherwise you would have to run one additional wire to it (constant power).  So, we will see how that works.  At least that way the blue fan lights are on when the heater is running.

Another change I made was to use hot melt glue to fix the wires into the channels in the walls.  My nylon wire clamps didn’t fit into the slots neatly (the slots were too narrow).  Sure, I could have cut out the MDF so that they would fit nicely flush in the slot, but the speed of the glue approach was nice. So, I just used my miniature craft gun to get into those tight spaces.

So when will the wiring instructions be done and ready for you to download?  I will try to get those out over the weekend, so long as the “blue smoke genie” doesn’t get summoned from the Sumpod!  Thanks for your patience! – Eric