I finally got a chance to write some things that need posting!  And in looking at my last post, it has been two months of silence at this end… So, here is what is in store for upcoming material:

1. An update showing the final, complete, and yes — working Sumpod.  This includes the Version 2 hot end in place, and some wiring amendments.  The machine is running the Sumpod version of Marlin (thanks to Stohn) and I’m using pronterface to send files to it.  I’ll also include a sort of “wrap up” lessons learned file that completes my build instruction file set.

2. A review of the Solidoodle after numerous hours of printing.  But for a few tuneup adjustments here and there, it has been problem free.  If only there was a heated build platform the prints would be totally awesome (instead, as you might expect with ABS on a cold piece of acrylic, the first few layers are not even).

3. The H-1 (www.seemecnc.com) is awaiting final wiring – using a RAMPS board instead of the electronics supplied with the kit.

4. And, as I’m expecting a Makerbot Replicator(tm) sometime in the next week, there will be an unpacking and first impressions post.  I’ve scoured all of the published documentation including the electronics, and one very interesting feature is that the new MightyBoard electronics package uses digital potentiometers to trim the stepper motor V-Ref lines.

So, stay tuned!