Now that is a loaded question! The end of the COVID thing? Self-driving cars that actually work? A $20,000 electric vehicle with 450 mile range? [I’d go for a Mr. Fusion like Doc in Back to the Future]

Mr. Fusion? Compact Fusion Reactor Will be Available in 5 ...

No doubt 2022 will continue to bring some new innovations to meet the challenges of these days. How about the focus of much of this blog: Additive Manufacturing?

I suspect that 2022 will be more incremental improvements, especially in novel materials. I don’t expect a $500 3D metal printer for home use, but I do expect that prices of 3D metal printing will continue to become more affordable from vendors such as Shapeways and Xometry. New novel polymeric materials could also be an important aspect of even home-based equipment.

Anyway, I’d suggest looking past the news of pandemic problems to stories of problems solved in 2022!