My discount referral link remains the same as posted last year in 2022, and promotions continue. If you are considering a Glowforge unit of any model, please consider using my link. Both of us will benefit! Here is the original post:


Glowforge just announced a referral program that provides a coupon for up to $500 off a Glowforge machine. I obtained my Glowforge Basic as part of their crowdfunding campaign. Patience was rewarded – my machine has been an awesome addition to the shop. And don’t purchase a referral from you know who bay or some other auction site – I offer this freely because if you do use it I’ll get a matching store credit for materials and supplies at no cost to you. So here you go – the needed link:

Glowforge laser fabricates what you dream up on dozens of ...
Imagine a Glowforge making laser cut and engraved stuff for you at home!