OK, now on to the hot end construction.  Not all that bad, really, but a bit frustrating as you will see.  Based on some e-mail exchanges with Richard, your hot end parts and construction might be different.  Thus, as I was part of the first campaign, I’m sure he has incorporated many comments from early builders.  You get that benefit if you waited for the second or third batch!  If you are in that group, do share some pictures of the changes!  You can download Part 3 here: SumpodBuild3

The next installment will cover the final (hopefully) steps to complete the unit. This is primarily running wires, hooking everything up to the RAMPS board, some chassis wiring (power runs) and hot end connections.  I’ll probably devote a fifth installment to loading the RAMPS firmware and setting it up to work with this machine.  My intent is to use ReplicatorG here so a machine profile will need to be created.

And I guess if time permits, I’ll also collect some post-construction thoughts on improvements and experimental changes.  Of course, I want to get that first print out of the machine to prove it works!