A quick update – as of now, it works but for a problem with the LCD display… and despite checking wiring, etc., (BTW I’ve done loads of these…) it still is not working.  Even tried a different 16×2 display of my own stock.  But the good news is that I have the heater working, extruded some plastic, and all 3 axes are running smoothly!  So it should not be long before the first build, and obviously the LCD has no bearing on getting out a print.

I already am looking at added a heated bed by routing out a piece of MDF to support a MakerBot ThingOMatic unit.  I have all of the MakerBot parts ready to go.  However, another power supply will be needed to manage the heated bed current consumption.  Thus this will be something for later.

Like some others’ experiences, if the fan is running the extruder temperature doesn’t get beyond 160C but as soon as you turn it off, it quickly goes to 200C and stays there, even with plastic being extruded.  I have a “first generation” extruder design. I do have some ceramic tape insulation that I think I will try before I go to something where the fan is controlled by the RAMPS board in some fashion.

For those of you waiting for the last build instructions, please be patient!  In testing I found some issues and so as I have said before, I do not want to release a set of instructions followed by a long list of “oops” and exceptions.